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10RB 2014-2015

Welcome to 10RB! 

I’m Rosie the teacher, and I’m working with two teaching assistants; Barbara and Matthew.

Our class is made up of Joel, Mohamed, Mariama, Anna, Ibukun, Fidel, Dilaksan, Amiel and Hayden and we are all excited to start year 10 together in a new class.  We have been up to a lot since we’ve been back, including trips to the park with 10AC, science, time in the gym, as well as our options! We’re all getting involved in at least two, including Food Technology, Media, Music and Childcare!

Even though everything is new, including the teacher, classmates and our classroom; everyone is being friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic about our new start in year 10!

We look forward to the upcoming term

Rosie, Barbara, and Matthew