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Drumbeat School & ASD Service


Welcome to 6F2

We are your class team Gary(TA), Cynthia (Class Teacher) Jenny(TA) and Donna(TA).

We are a 6th form class consisting of 8 students.
 We are supported by three very experienced teaching assistants, Gary Jenny and Donna. We welcome Ade and PaReise who have joined the Sixth form from KS4, Amiel Daniel and Veni and Sino  have joined us from 6F1 and are pleased to continue working with Ibby and Jack. We are now near the end of September and the students have settled in well and are beginning to feel comfortable with their new timetable.

As you can see from the timetable below their are lots of exciting aspects to the 6
th form curriculum. I look forward to working in partnership with you to support your son or daughter and hope to meet you soon if I have not already done so.

Life Skills:

Students will be planning, budgeting, shopping and cooking, using the basics for quick and easy meals. Learning to wash up by hand, load and unload the dishwasher, washing laundry cleaning and other household chores essential to adult life!

Work Based Learning:

Students will have the opportunity to work in a café or other work place including My Jammi Café in Brockley and the Jimmy Mizen Project based in Ladywell. 

Travel Training:

Using public transport, Buses, Trains the Overground and the DLR to various locations in the local community to prepare them for Independence. They will learn how to plan a journey using the TFL website; where to get on and off local transport, how to use Oyster cards or Freedom Passes; hoe to top up their Oyster cards and where to seek help from if they need to whilst out in the local community


We work on communication all the time making sure each students has the facility to express their wants and needs using augmented communication systems when students do not have language as well as extended the language skills of those that do! 


Students will be planning, estimating and budgeting in preparation for the weekly shop. They will be handling and counting money, working out how much change to expect and comparing estimated and actual totals. Later in the term we will be looking at time, comparing analogue and digital clocks, noting clock positions based on fractions and working on time telling activities. 



This term we will not have a formal PE lesson but instead we will have regular sessions in the Gym, on the trampoline and will attend Swimming lessons once a week.


Our class will be taking the lead this year on developing Drumbeat’s Allotment Plot this will also lead to Entry Level qualifications in Horticulture accredited by the Royal Horticultural society.


There are various options available on Tuesday Fridays some of which lead to qualifications. These include Gardening, Music, Arts and Crafts; Sport and  Sensory Science. PaReise is also joining the College Link group this year.

AQA (Assesment & Qualifications Alliance):

Students will be working to achieve AQA certificates at appropriate levels for individual abilities in Personal and Social Education 5800. These qualifications can be useful for gaining entry to college, work experience and jobs.


In addition each student has the option of being involved in Drumbeat's Extended Services, offering a wide range of life skills and creative activities after school hours.


On Wednesday afternoons they will be working on  various aspects of ICT which they will need in adult life. 


On Tuesday afternoon students from 6F2 will be having regular swimming lessons at Glassmill Leisure centre in Lewisham. We are very privileged to have instructors who are experienced in working with young people with Autism and understand their needs.



Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is any I can help with and I look forward to working with you and your families this year.


Best wishes Cynthia Harding (Class teacher)