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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Hello, my name is Richard and I am very excited about being your child’s teacher this Autumn term. I have been teaching for several years now and have lots of special needs experience working with a broad range of students in different educational settings. 

As well as being your child’s teacher I am also leading PE throughout the 6th form and will be teaching your child PE every Monday afternoon. In 6F3 we also have the support of 3 experienced teaching assistants, Joan, Selma and Mathieu who will be helping to support your child in the classroom. 

This Autumn term we have many exciting things on the timetable and students will be studying the following topics:

Daily Living Skills:

Planning, shopping and cooking, using the basics for quick and easy meals. 

Travel Training:

Using public transport, buses, trains and trouble shooting. 

Work Based Learning:

Students will have the opportunity to work in a café or other work place (please note that this is dependent on us finding suitable working placements for students).   


Students will be working on their communication and social skills daily with supported visuals and symbols if needed. We will be focusing on autobiographies and biographies for the first half of term and students will be writing about themselves and other people’s lives. 


Students will be planning, estimating and budgeting in preparation for the weekly shop. They will be handling and counting money, working out how much change to expect and comparing estimated and actual totals. Later in the term we will be looking at time, comparing analogue and digital clocks, noting clock positions based on fractions and working on time telling activities. 



Students will learn about and experience movement, the power of gesture and practice using their voice in different ways. In Art they will be making masks, puppets, props and costumes to create performances involving the use of voice, movement, music and sound. Related to PHSE they will role play scenarios and situations that occur outside in the community in order to help them understand key concepts in social interaction. 


Developing physical and co-ordination skills through invasion games, net and wall games. During the cold winter months students will do PE in the hall where we will be looking at singles and partner net games such as badminton and considering scoring systems.  


PHSE/Social Skills:

Students will focus on understanding expression and body language this term as well as exploring socially acceptable/unacceptable contact with familiar/unfamiliar people. Later in the term we will look at moral judgements and explore principals of right and wrong and how to be a responsible citizen within society. 



Students will be learning to create text in other window applications other than word. They will also be learning key skills such as obtaining, retrieving, storing and printing information from the web and using it to present information. 


(Accredited pathways): Student will be working to achieve AQA certificates/awards at appropriate levels for individual abilities in different subjects. 



Weekly music therapy sessions with music therapy specialists. 

Extended Services:

In addition each student has the option of being involved in Drumbeats extended services, offering a wide range of life skills and creative activities after school hours. 





Please can you make sure your child brings in £4 every Friday so that they can plan and budget ready to go shopping on Monday morning.   

Also, can you make sure your child brings in a swimming costume (if swimming), a towel and gym clothing for our PE and gym sessions. 

Can I take this opportunity to say how much I am looking forward to working with your child this year and look forward to meeting you soon.  


Richard Gillings

6F3 Class Teacher

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