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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

In Drumbeat School 6th form we are dedicated to delivering an age appropriate individualised curriculum. The focus is on independence skills and it is apparent in all aspects of the 6th form, from the environment to the activities and opportunities on offer, that there is a shift in emphasis and priorities to young adulthood through developing students individualised pathways to become well rounded young adults when they leave at 18 or 19. We will deliver this curriculum focusing on a stimulating and relevant timetable made up of several key areas :

  • Functional Numeracy and Literacy
  • ICT
  • Creativity
  • Personalised Plans
  • Appropriate Accreditation
  • Work Experience- in school and outside school
  • Life skills - daily living skills e.g. planning, buying for and cooking meals
  • Leisure choices – Sports/Horticulture etc
  • Personal and Social Development AQA5800 course
  • Travel Training

Students will follow a blend of group work and individual learning pathways. All areas of the curriculum reflect the significant step from pre 16 to post 16 Education. Education in Drumbeat 6th form will be context based, in which knowledge at all levels of ability is applied to everyday situations in preparation for young adulthood.