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Drumbeat School & ASD Service


A whole academic year has passed and we find ourselves in Year 9, slowly but surely getting to the end of Key Stage 3.

The setup of the class remains largely unchanged, but we have a couple of new students (Abraham and Kieron, who are both a little younger than the rest of the boys), and a new member of staff, Matthew, who is our new Teaching Assistant.

The biggest change this year is being brought about by the introduction of Maths and English ability groups. Every pupil is teamed up with other students of similar ability to maximize his or her progress and achievement in those core subjects. However, the work remains tailored to individual students’ needs and always reflects their ability and the progress they make. The students continue to benefit from the broad and varied curriculum as well as having access, as required, to the following in-house therapy sessions:

-       Speech and Language with Hannah Driver,

-       Occupational Therapy with Rosie Hallett,

-       Music Therapy with Claire Tillotson.

Additional weekly or regular highlights and extra-curricular activities in Year 9 will include:

-       Interactive Storytelling with Keith Park,

-       Drama and Music with the ever-entertaining duo, Tim & Tom,

-       a wide range of sporting activities and competitions, from football to rowing, organized by Marie Steffen,

-       Horse-riding at Willowtree Stables,

-       swimming lessons at the Downham Leisure Centre,

-       ...and bowling at MFA Bowl, Lewisham.

In Year 9 we will continue to participate and benefit from the Learning Outside the Classroom programme, which will enable us to make visits to the various sights and places of interest across London, as well as the local area to forge and maintain links with the local community.

As we brace ourselves for the winter, we look forward to a truly explosive, action and fun-packed year, so watch this space!

Artur Chworostowski

9AC Class Teacher