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Drumbeat School & ASD Service


9CP are a group of five students – one girl and four boys – who are both a bunch of lively individuals but who also have a distinct and definite group identity. They are aged between 12 and 14 and despite the fact that they all have complex individual social, communication and learning needs, they are all very much teenagers!


9CP have two fabulously talented, bright, fun-loving, creative and dedicated teaching assistants who support and stretch them (and me) throughout the school week. We all enjoy learning opportunities in and outside of the school building and we like to have fun while we’re doing it! We have already visited several local community amenities since September and intend to use these and many more besides during the coming year.    As well as this, we have begun working on our options afternoon on Friday by planting various quick growing plants and herbs like mustard cress, rabbit’s tail plants and basil. We will continue our gardening as part of our options but will be choosing other interesting activities and exploring and experiencing various hobbies and pastimes during the year.


As well as following the subjects of the National Curriculum during the week, 9CP has Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy and also work with the school Story Teller. We use the sensory rooms and school gym on a regular basis which we really enjoy!