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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Welcome to 9FS it’s the evolution of 8FS after Summer! (thanks Joel). There are now 9 students, Ben joined us towards the end of last term and has settled in to the class and school routine really well, he is a valued addition to the group.

We started back looking at some photographs which prompted fantastic memories of year 8 with many individual achievements, class trips and team spirit in evidence - especially in sports.

We have already been very busy this year - 5 a day robot exercises – part of our sensory diet routine to improve learning and making chocolate crunchies and jelly for a welcome to Secondary party we organised for the new year 7’s.We have been getting used to our new ability English and Maths groups - working with other students across KS3 /KS4.

Our class play continues to be an on-going project. We have been lucky enough to have input from members of the London Symphony Orchestra who have taught students how to compose sounds for the play. We are all looking forward to our Wednesdays of wonder and our theme for the term - 'My Interests'.  With new goals ahead we look forward to another successful year in year 9.