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Drumbeat Key Stage 4 and 6th Form students have made fantastic personal achievements in this year’s qualifications.

Key Stage 4 and 6th Form students at Drumbeat have done particularly well in their exams and qualifications this year. The eagerly awaited results day in the holidays revealed a number of fantastic achievements and a significant increase in the breadth of subjects and number of entries.

Every single Drumbeat student taking qualifications has worked really hard and there have been many journeys of personal development. We are really proud of our students and wish to celebrate their success. Well done everyone.

Carl Edwards (Deputy Headteacher Standards & Effectiveness).


  • 52 students achieved certificates this year
  • This is the first year that Drumbeat students have achieved grade B or C at GCSE, the fist time Maths has been offered at GCSE and the first time a student has achieved Level 2 in English and ICT.
  • One yr11 student gained 9 awards across 8 different subjects
  • In yr10 7 students took early qualifications in English, Food Tech and Arts
  • 3 students achieved Arts GCSEs in Fine Art and Photography
  • 3 students achieved a Foundation GCSE in Maths
  • 1 student gained Level 2 in English Functional Skills and 3 students level 1
  • 1 student gained ICT Functional Skills level 2 and 1 student level 1
  • 10 students achieved Edexcel Food Technology Certificate at Level 1,
  • 6 students gained a Bronze Arts Award
  • 6 students gained Entry Level 3 in Edexcel Caring for Children
  • In 6th Form 19 students achieved the AQA Personal and Social Education Certificate (12 at Entry Level 2)
  • 6 students in yr11 gained the AQA Personal and Social Education Certificate at Entry Level 1
  • 26 students gained AQA Unit Awards at Entry Level in a range of subjects including Leadership in Sport, Media, Food Tech, Art, Music and Child Care

Worthy of special mention are:

  • Victoria Noel who achieved a grade B in Photography GCSE, Maths GCSE F, English and ICT Functional Skills Level 2
  • Ben Brooklyn who achieved a grade C in Photography GCSE, Maths GCSE G, English and ICT at Level 1
  • Wesley John-Smith who achieved a grade D in Fine Art GCSE, English and Food Technology at Level1
  • Joel Smith who gained Maths GCSE G, English and Food Tech at Level 1
  • Mariama Tholley who achieved 9 certificates including Speaking and Reading units at Level 1, Maths Entry Level 3, Arts Award – Bronze, Music Entry Level 3, Food Tech Level 1 and Child Care Entry Level 3 
  • Mohammed Kakay who achieved English Functional Skills at level 1, Maths, ICT and Child Care at Entry Level 3
  • Anna Achilleos, Fidel Ofoajoku, Ibukun Oke, Jordan Logan-Cross and PaReise Weldegabriel all achieved a number of certificates at Entry Level 3 and 2 with Carloine Chen achieving Food Tech at level 1 and Child Care at Entry Level 3 and Ademola Aderounmu getting Food Tech Level1, ICT at Entry Level 2 and Arts Award- Bronze

In 6th Form:

  • Mohammed Hassan achieved Maths at Entry Level 3 and PSE at Entry Level 2
  • Stevie Hayes added Child Care Entry Level 3 and PSE at Entry Level 2 to his qualifications
  • Deresha Davis added Maths Entry Level 1, Music Entry Level 2 and PSE Entry Level 1 to her qualifications 
  • George Pye added Music Entry Level 3 and PSE Entry Level 2 to his qualifications
  • Joseph Ojerinola, Anthony Oyeyemi, Eden Akande, Rabie Babiker, Taylor Carter and Gennaro Coad all achieved PSE Entry Level 2

Key Stage 2 data analysis July 2016

Year Group English Equivalent Maths Equivalent
Year 3 (4)     100% RP 25% 25% 50%
Year 4 (14) JC CO 14% 21% 64% AnA 7% 36% 57%
Year 5 (12) BA KE
KRWS 25%
8% 67% HO KRWS
33% 50%
Year 6 (9)     100%     100%
KS2 Total 13% (5) 10%(4) 77% (30) 11% (4) 26%(10) 64% (25)