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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

We are called Conga Class, after a tall, narrow, single-headed drum from Cuba. Our class consists of eight pupils.

The students are supported by three teaching assistants, Elle and Matthew, and supervised by a Class Teacher, Artur Chworostowski.

 We are based in a brand new building at Drumbeat’s Brockley site, which is very exciting as everything, from our chairs and tables to the laptop trolley is, well, brand new. The building itself is state-of-the-art, and one of its most striking features is that it has a fully equipped, first floor, three bedroom flat, complete with kitchen and bathroom, where our students will learn life skills, and may even be able to stay overnight.

This Year:

This year our students will continue to follow the tailor-made curriculum based on their Personalized Plans and the three core subjects, English, Mathematics, and Computing. They will also continue to benefit from a range of other activities and Options groups, like swimming, horse-riding, music & drama, etc. Just like last year, we will continue to receive specialist input from our team of therapists, Hannah, Rosie and Claire. Finally, as we are only two stops away from London Bridge (from Brockley Station), we will resume exploring the capital city, and beyond.

As all of our pupils are now well-settled, and feel very much at home in their new environment, we are looking forward to another exciting and action-packed year at Drumbeat School.