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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

A very warm welcome to Koala class!

The Koala team are extremely happy to have you all on board and getting to know your children.

Our project this term is:

This term the children will be settling into their new class and school environment. They will be involved in a variety of activities in and out of class, which will centre around individual as well as peer and group activities, all geared towards developing each child’s own individual strengths and building upon their already acquired skills.

These skills will be developed through the theme of All About Me, where we will be looking at what we can do, through the exploration of our 5 senses.

P.E & Swimming:

Please do not worry about P.E. kits this term. Your child will not need these until later in the school year.

Swimming will also start in the spring term 2017.

I will contact you nearer the time regarding what to send in and the procedures we carry out for these sessions.

Family Photographs:

I would also ask if each family could send in photos of all the important members of their family; those people your child would know well and recognise. People would include mummy, daddy, nanny, cousin, aunty, siblings, etc. These photos will be used for individual work in class.

Snack Contributions:

I am asking each family to make a contribution of £10 to Koala Class, which will go towards buying the children their snacks. This will be for the term.


Timetables for the months of September, October, November and December will be sent out soon in order to let you know what is happening during the term and when our “Stay and Play” sessions run.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in Koala class if you have any problems or questions regarding your child.