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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

“Let’s Talk Autism” is the inaugural podcast series created by Drumbeat Media. Adapted from a film project designed to allow the voices of young people to be heard talking openly and frankly about living with autism, the series aims to model and invoke conversation and communication in a safe and informal way about autism and the issues surrounding the condition.

Hosted by Stevie, Sarahlin and Victoria, three young people diagnosed with Autism, each episode explores a different area of their lives, the three hosts discuss the topic with one another before meeting a different guest each week relating to the matter.

Once the project had been completed Dr Kathryn Stevenson, Dr Viv Hinchcliffe & Katie Cornell worked collaboratively to produce a research paper printed in the Nasen journal, which you can read below.

Episode 1 - Next Steps 

Episode 2 - Special Schools 

Episode 3 - Diagnosis 

Episode 4 - At Home 

Episode 5 - Talking Autism 

Episode 6 - Live! At Kaleidoscope, Lewisham