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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Drumbeat School has friendly teachers and staff who answer our worries. They provide useful traing for parents where we discuss our challanges and how to cope physically and emotionally with our children and environment.


At each year of her transistion to a new class I have always been apprehensive, but class staff have always taken the time to get to know and understand my daughter which makes a huge difference, as she is non verbal. Teaching staff and reception are always friendly and welcoming and I feel that if I had any issues or concerns I would be able to discuss it with them.


I am very happy that my son was fortunate to get a place at Drumbeat, I feel that he is in the right place, support is always at hand. His teacher, Marina, and all support staff are amazing at their job and go the extra mile for the children they work with. I have learnt so much since my son has started and feel confident every day I leave him at school that he is in the right place, I can't praise the school enough.