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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

PE and Sport grant 2018/2019

Allocations for the academic year 2016 to 2017 are calculated using the number of pupils in years 1 to 6, as recorded in the January 2018 census, as follows:

  • schools with 17 or more pupils receive £8,000 plus £5 per pupil

The PE and Sports Premium allocated to Drumbeat school & ASD service for 2018-19 amounted to a total of £8,395.

Eligible Pupils: 79

The PE and Sports Premium is allocated to Drumbeat school & ASD service for 2018-19 to support the implementation of sports and PE activities across the curriculum and extra-curricular events. During 2018-19 we consulted with governors and the staff team about the how best to use the money in order to maximise the benefit to our students’ wellbeing, health and enjoyment.  We decided that swimming and horse riding were two integral parts of the curriculum at Drumbeat. These activities provide an opportunity to learn key skills in communication, independence and therapeutic opportunities, as well as promoting physical activity amongst students. Part of this money has also been used to support students engaging with their local communities and integration opportunities, through learning outside the classroom experiences such as Panathlon events and football competitions. Below are some further details of areas the sports premium funding has contributed towards and the impact this has on the students at Drumbeat: 

Area of spend

Impact on the learning, health and wellbeing of students at Drumbeat. 

Swimming Lessons at local Lewisham leisure centres

Primary students take part in weekly swimming lessons for a block of 6 weeks. During these lessons the students learn the key skill of swimming. The lessons also provide a range of different learning opportunities for each of the students. Some students benefit from the sensory input of being in a swimming pool, this provides them the opportunity to exercise in an environment they feel comfortable in. Communication opportunities are provided through these swimming lessons, for example the students following instructions and making requests. The physical activity aspect of the swimming lessons also encourages the students to be active and enjoy exercise. This contributes towards living a healthy and active lifestyle. Cross-curricular opportunities are also provided within these sessions for example maths skills when using times and distances within the sessions.

Horse riding, Southborough lane stables

Primary students take part in weekly horse riding lessons for a block of 6 weeks. These lessons allow the students to practice their communication skills by learning about the animals and safety around the activity of riding. The students are provided an opportunity to be physically active during these sessions encouraging fitness levels to increase. The students receive sensory input whilst riding the horses and an opportunity to experience different sensations when moving. Cross-curricular opportunities for learning such as key reading skills and maths skills such as counting are built into these sessions to support class based learning by applying skills to a practical activity. There is also a large amount of evidence based research that indicates the therapeutic advantages of horse riding including spontaneous communication and interaction. One example is a study from McDaniel Peters, B.C., & Wood, W. (2017). In the journal of autism and developmental disorders.

Bike club at Drumbeat Downham.

Bike club at Downham allows the students not only the opportunity to learn to ride a bike in a safe space but also social, communication and cross-curricular skills. An opportunity for social skills to be improved is provided. The supporting staff assist the students to have social interactions as well as increasing the individual’s awareness of others in the cycling activity. Communication skills are used throughout the sessions from following instructions to communicating where the students are cycling. Again this provides an opportunity to increase the activity levels of students and promote enjoyment through exercise. Additional impacts recorded in students personalised plan reviews show a greater understanding of basic road safety and travel training skills. 

Football events at South London Special League

On a monthly basis students attend the South London Special League football events. These events provide an opportunity to play football as a member of a team for students at drumbeat. This allows the students to develop their physical footballing skills alongside their knowledge of the game and its rules. The students also have an opportunity at these events to engage with their local community. The teams that the students play against are formed from other local schools. This provides an opportunity for the students to develop their social skills with unfamiliar people and also to communicate with others in a safe and structured environment. 

Panathlon events 

Students from Drumbeat regularly take part in Panathlon events, these are multi-sport events where the students take part in a range of activities, in a circuit style, to earn points. Again these events provide an opportunity for the students to learn a range of new physical skills and also work within a range of different rules for different activities. This contributes towards their communication development. These events are another opportunity for the students to engage with their local community and develop their social skills. 

Specialist TA for Physical education at the Downham site. 

Funding from the sports premium has allowed a member of staff to become a specialist TA for physical education on the Downham site. This has allowed for support in curriculum PE lessons providing knowledge and expertise to support teaching. This allows PE lessons to be more targeted and increase the physical activity levels of the students. This again will help to increase physical fitness, skill levels and ASD specific access to the curriculum. 

Sports day equipment and organisation. 

Funding from the sports premium was used to purchase equipment and help with the organisation of the school sports day in 2018. This allowed for the students to take part in a supportive organised competition. Alongside the physical benefits of this the students will have developed their social and communication skills amongst their peers. Cross-curricular opportunities were also planned into the activities to allow the students to apply class based learning to a practical activity. 

General PE equipment and resources.

Funding from the sports premium supported the purchase of sports equipment and resources for use in curriculum PE lessons as well as during playtimes and after school clubs. This has supported the learning of the children within these sessions and allowed them to access opportunities they may not have had without the correct equipment. 


Impact of the sports premium spend for 2018-19: 

1. Sustainable sources of physical development for our young learners are provided through the learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities. 

2. Students at Drumbeat school have benefitted from having regular swimming and horse riding lessons where they have developed their physical and emotional skills and experienced activities that they may otherwise not have encountered.  

3. Increased opportunities to promote students health, wellbeing, enjoyment of school and social communication. 

4. Opportunities have been provided for the students with an appropriate level of physical challenge and adventure during free play. This can be a particular issue for our pupils, who due to their emotional and behavioural needs cannot always access community play areas with their families. 

5. Opportunities to access sports and physical activity on a regular basis have been provided throughout the year, including those for whom physical activity can be a particular challenge. 

6. Sports equipment and resources can be used in a variety of ways, and at a variety of times: a lunchtime club, a morning task, during break-times, and as part of the PE curriculum. All opportunities give children the chance to improve fitness and work on teambuilding skills. 

7. Having a specialist TA for physical education has allowed for PE lessons to be targeted and focussed to increase the physical activity levels for the students at drumbeat and provide a range of learning opportunities.