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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Science at Drumbeat is essentially a fun way to find out about the world we live in and ourselves, it is taught through games and activities and simple experiments. The school has a fully equipped Environmental Studies room which is available to all classes to use; Science is taught in class groups with support from specialist teachers.

The Science curriculum in the primary department is highly differentiated to meet the needs and interests of our pupils. Planning is based on the national curriculum, which has been adapted. We plan our work using a themed approach, which is cross curricular. This means that pupils have access to scientific opportunities at various times across the week. Our themes are planned on a termly basis and the Science strand forms part of this. We offer a range of activities to support the Science curriculum, which are usually practical. We believe strongly that pupils should have ‘hands on’ experiences both in and out of the classroom. For example, pupils can experiment with the properties of materials in the classroom setting as well as experience this on trips to the local environment.

In the Secondary department Pupils learn Science following the four strands of the National Curriculum – Scientific Enquiry;  Materials and their Properties; Physical Processes and Life processes and Living Things.  At key Stage 3 students learn about the Human Body; Senses -  Light and Sound; Plants, Animals and their Habitats, Electricity; Lifecycles ; Mixtures. From the beginning of year 9 students follow the OCR Entry Level syllabus which covers Healthy Eating, Growth , Human Reproduction, The Solar System, Magnets and Forces, First Aid, Cooking and Cleaning topics to equip them for adult life. Those students who are able to are entered for the certificate at Levels 1, 2 or 3 which is a good basis to continue further study to GCSE.