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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Welcome to Victoria!

We hope you all had a great summer break! Victoria class team are looking forward to an exciting Autumn Term with lots of fun activities planned.

(L-R)Selina, Caroline, Aaron, Lima

Our topic this term is:

Location, location, location.
This will involve learning about the local area and London.

PE Kit - Just a reminder!

Swimming – Every Tuesday
P.E – Every Friday

KS3 Options:

This term all students in key stage 3 will be taking part in intervention afternoons on Tuesday and Fridays. Tuesday groups will focus on specific skills needed to develop independence where students are grouped according to need. Fridays is our hobbies afternoon where students choose a group they want to attend with support from adults.

£5 Voluntary Contribution:

Our class have cereal every morning. They also participate in cooking lessons once a week. £5 a term voluntary contribution would greatly help towards to the cost. Thank you!

Important Dates:

Half term is from Monday 26th October until Friday 30th October.