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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Crowd Funding For The Playground

Fabulous News

We have raise £10,000.  Many thanks to the people who gave so generously.  A special mention to Commercial Heating Spares Ltd and Isabelle Kassam who both supported us.

We will be fundraising further as we have other ideas for the playground.  More news next term.



We would like to provide outdoor gym equipment in our playground for the older children.  Children with Autism find social environments very difficult.  This mean that their parents don't often take them to parks and other activities.  We want to provide the same sort of experience in the school, which the children associate as a safe place to be.

This will provide a healthy lifelong learning space. It will allow our children to develop good habits, and help them to stay fit and healthy.

As a School we don’t getting any funding for things like this. We would be grateful for any help that people can offer however small it might be.

Please dig deep and help make a substantial change for these children.