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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

11FS Class 2014-2015

It has been an exciting start to the new School year with 11FS- one of two year 11 classes now the most senior pupils at Drumbeat Downham.  

What a fantastic class consisting of 8 boys and 1 girl supported by a great team of 3 Teaching Assistants.

All staff are enjoying the diversity within the class and are getting to know individual’s interests, understanding and adapting to how each student learns, communicates and sees the world.  With sensory exploration & signing to conversations about IT technology and computer games such as Minecraft.

We have been so impressed how students are working hard together, helping and supporting each other and getting to know each other.

 In our first week of term some of the highlights have included communication through music, making kites and a visit to Greenwich Ecology Park which included a walk along the river and pupils spotting 3 tall ships.

We look forward to a creative year ahead with many opportunities to gain accreditation, independence and life skills.

Fiona Smithers