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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

6F1 2014-2015

Welcome to 6F1!

I’m delighted to be teaching such a great bunch of students.  The class is formed of old timers: Anya, Chike, Ryan and Alexander who have been in the 6th form for some time. They are joined by new arrivals: Trevanie, Cameron and Tony but the classroom is new to everyone.

Our support staff, Selma and Donna have a wealth of experience between them, as well as Brian at lunch times.  We have close links with the therapists and we are currently visited regularly by Christine and Hannah, both Speech and Language therapists.

This half- term we are going to make a concerted effort to really get to know each other.  This will come in the form of each student producing a completed ‘This is Me ‘ book.  There may be some input from Parents and Carers to provide copies of photos from home so watch this space.

The main aim, however, is for the class to develop their independence and get to know how to do everyday things like cooking, shopping and budgeting by actually doing those things with the support they need.

I am keen to keep the lines of communication wide open for parents and carers.  If you have any concerns, questions or just want to talk things through regarding your son or daugther please do get in touch.  My email address is: or you can call the office.

Helen and the team in 6f1