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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

6F3 2014-2015

Hello All!

We are a mixed class of Year 13 and 14.

Welcome back after a lovely summer holiday.

In our group, Andy is the class teacher and Beverley, Gary and Michael are the learning and teaching assistants.

Students in this group include- Chevon, Danielle, Eden, Francess, Jared, Mohammed, Samantha and Ream.

This year we will be focussing on developing our life skills while having fun with activities such as Gardening, Hair-dressing, ICT and Media, P.E. and Fitness, cooking and basic cleaning, laundry, Travel Training, Work and Community experiences, money handling and shopping experiences will help to teach us the skills needed to live more independently.

These broadly categorise into - 

  • Employability Skills
  • Skills for life
  • Choice and decision making
  • Communication and Social interaction

Since our group happens to be the oldest in the pile, we are looking at taking up mentoring of the younger ones in primary and secondary. Being the oldest group comes with its own responsibilities you will agree!

Also this term we are looking forward to going on a residential journey to Macaroni Wood in October. This, we hope, will be four days full of fun activities that include wall climbing, preparing our own meals, archery, walks in the wood, swimming, BMX and many more. Exciting times, I can't wait to share with you all, everything we have achieved in our next web update.

Please do not hesitate to contact Andy to discuss any plans or ideas for you child's educational development. Your suggestions and input are always values and always very welcome.

Don't forget that PE and Fitness is on every Monday and Friday! Remember to bring along appropriate kit on these days.

That's all for now...

Andy, Beverley, Gary and Michael

Please click the link below to see pictures of the new staff team.