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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Welcome to 6F3!

Yes we are 6F3!
Our aims for students in this group is to develop their independence by delivering an individualised curriculum accessible to all within the setting.  In further support of this, we will be organising work experience placements for the students. Because of limited placements, there will be a rotating programme to ensure that all students have the opportunity to partake in the programme throughout the year. 

Our aim is for students to acquire relevant accredited qualifications in reference to their placements to further support them within their personal journey towards adulthood.  We also support our students community based learning opportunities through weekly shopping tasks, gardening teams and other activities such as swimming and using the local leisure facilities.

This Term:

Our emphasis will be on a personalised travel-training programme and work-experience for the students in this group.

The students will also undertake the AQA accreditation in Personal and Social Education and begin a college link at Bromley college.

In art we will be creating self - portraits! This is a really exciting time for us right now in 6F3 and we very much look forward to sharing our adventures over the coming year. 


6F3 students will be having P.E. on Mondays

Fitness and swimming on alternate Wednesdays this term beginning from 9th September 2015. 

Please make sure you have Gym wear / a swimming costume and a towel on these days!


We will be sending homework home with students. – ‘weekend diaries’ to record activities over the weekend.

This is used to facilitate communication on Monday mornings.

Our reading books this term will be ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Cinderella’.

Crosswords will be drawn from these books for homework.


As part of enabling the students in 6F3, they will be preparing light breakfast in the morning (cup of tea / bowl of cereal or a slice of toast) for themselves. And on Thursdays preparing our own lunch.

At these times we will be focusing on communication, social skills independent living skills, healthy eating and how to prepare some multicultural dishes to support our topic.

In order to support these activities, each student is expected to contribute £4.00 weekly.