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Drumbeat School & ASD Service


Welcome to Year 13 / 14 ! ! !

We had a good summer term settling into Drumbeat Brockley. Hope we all enjoyed our well-deserved summer holiday? Already, this year there has been some major developments in our room. We returned to a new class group, which is smaller in number (Danielle and Jeffery are now with other groups); losing both of our T.A.s - Sarah and Susie whom have been reassigned. Whilst joining our class team are two other T.A.s - Beverly and Sunder. 

Our room was refurbished with new equipment installed during the summer holidays.  The room is now bigger and we are happier with the extra space.

This year, we are looking forward to working and having fun with activities such as Gardening, Hair-dressing, ICT and Media, Music, P.E., Cooking, Travel Training, Work and Community experiences, Shopping experience, etc. these are designed to help enhance:-

•Greater level of community engagement
•Increase employability skills
•Increased skills for daily living
•Greater control of decision-making and,
•Increased communication and social interaction.


Since our group happens to be the oldest in the pile we are looking at taking up mentoring of the younger ones in the primary and the secondary. Being the oldest group comes with its own responsibilities you will agree!

This term, we are looking forward to going on a residential journey to Macaroni Wood in October. During our stay, we expect 3 days full of fun activities, such as climbing, preparing our own meals, archery, walks in the woods and swimming and many more.  Exciting times, I can’t wait to share with you all everything we have achieved in our next web update.