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Drumbeat School & ASD Service


On Saturday 9th November we held our first Drumbeat Conference. We had the pleasure of being joined by some of the most prominent names in the world of autism research and interventions who presented information at the forefront of autism, including;

* Dr Carol Gray – “The Next Generation of Social Stories”

* Dr Peter vermeulen – “Autism as Context Blindness”

* Dr Glenys Jones – “Tools to develop an effective school and workforce for pupils on the autistic spectrum” There was also a very personal and insightful presentation by Lisa and Ellie Mason who are the mother and sister of Gemma, a young teen on the autistic spectrum. The conference also allowed us to share some of our current research using Dudley the Drumbeat Dog that involves developing interaction skills with three students. The conference was a great success and we had 90 people in attendance and fantastic feedback. There was also an opportunity to join Tim Attwood for a musical workshop over the lunch period. We are currently planning our next conference.