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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Three Drumbeat students have exhibition in Lewisham Arthouse Gallery

It was very exciting to curate an exhibition of three of my students’ artwork. It was their creativity that really spurred me to want to share their photography, drawing and models to a wider audience. Students were involved throughout the whole project from designing the invitation and flyer to hanging /displaying the artwork. At the opening it was fantastic to see the results of all their hard work and celebrate it in a local gallery with students, families, staff and public. Thank you for all your support and most of all to the inspiring diversity of Victoria, Joel and Wesley’s talents. 

Fiona Smithers – 9FS Class Teacher

The Artistic Autistic Experience Review

By Wesley John-Smith, Victoria Noel and Joel Smith

Wesley: It was really nice how everyone looked and admired our artwork. It just felt so fabulous, even though I was very shy but it’s good to meet new people, you know? I was a bit nervous when Ms Smithers came to me, Victoria and Joel to ask us about an exhibition and if we wanted to do one. We all said yes. And that’s how it all started really.

Victoria: It was amazing how people reacted about me, Joel and Wes doing this exhibition.  At first, I actually thought it was a brilliant idea. So after we were told that, I decided to just take photos as usual. It was fun having to experience all this and put my photos into an exhibition. On the evening of the exhibition, loads of people were coming up and saying how amazing my photos were. That was just great to hear. Overall I loved it, but it was really hard work. And I hope the people who bought our artwork enjoy them too!

Joel: It was really hard work but it was worth it. I’ve had lots of fun at the exhibition and my tank it was the biggest creation I ever built, and my friends and everyone loved it. Too bad I never saw it again but hey it’s just a creation, I can build again. Oh before I go I’d like to thank Ms Smithers and Viv for helping me gather cardboard and making it possible for me building the tank and I would also thank everyone for coming to the exhibition. You rock.