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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

The Key Stage 4 classes are now based at Brockley. There are three classes in KS4.

Students spend some time in their class groups and then come together for KS4 options. These are Personal Pathways that students follow for either 1 or 2 years. We offer a varied range of subjects including Childcare, ICT, Arts Award, Food Technology and Music.

In class students work on their English and Maths skills. Some students will work towards Entry level certificates while others work towards a range of functional unit awards.

On Friday afternoons KS4 join with Sixth Form and take part in options – these all contribute to students’ Personalised Plans and include options such as Science Explorers, community walks, Park Run, Make and Take and Arts and Craft.

Students still follow their Personalised Plan in KS4 and a lot of teaching time is given over to following this. Staff use the students’ interests in order to help them learn.

We are also building up our links with the community. Classes go swimming and some students go to the Young Lewisham project once a week where they learn a variety of skills including gardening and carpentry. Students take part in PE lessons during the week and go to swimming lessons during the year.

For Individual Classes, please use the links in the sub-menu.