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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Key Stage 4 Curriculum – Years 10 and 11

The Key Stage 4 curriculum moves on from the Key Stage 3 curriculum and is very similar in many ways. Students are in ability groups for English and Maths and these lessons are taught for four mornings each week.

On two afternoons each week students are in options groups. These groups are chosen by the students at the end of year 9. Students are able to choose two options to study for two years. These currently include media, food technology, music, childcare and Arts Award. These are all accredited courses so all pupils will gain some type of qualification at the end of the two year course.


The media options groups are currently working towards the OCR entry-level accreditation in ICT. Working with the Apple computers, there are three projects that need to be completed.

  • 1. Produce a document advertising a school event:
    After a period of research, the students will use a program called Comic Life to produce a poster to advertise a school event.
  • 2. Animation skills:
    Students will learn how to use a program called iStopMotion to produce stop frame animations. They will then produce an animation to advertise a sporting activity.
  • 3. Film editing:
    Using iMovie, the students will produce a short film trailer of their choice.


The Music accreditation on a Monday afternoon uses music to explore sounds, emotions and different ways and sound different instruments make. We are following the AQA Accreditation at Pre entry and entry levels.

The lesson also provides time for individual improvisation to allow students to explore their creativity and also an opportunity to create music together, developing a sense of group awareness.


The students  are studying the Pearson BTEC Entry Level Award in Caring for Children. We will cover three modules over 2 years. These are:

  • Planning for the physical care needs of children aged 0-3 years
  • Communication with children
  • Learning experiences for young children

Lessons include a range of learning experiences including, written work, practical activities and trips and visits out.

Students have to build up a folder of work that is marked by the teacher and moderated by an external examiner at the end of the 2 years.