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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

I am very pleased to introduce you to Panda Class.

There are 9 children in Panda Class, aged between 5 and 7 years.  There are 3 girls; Daniella, Keziah and Kirsty as well as 6 boys, Anmol, Ayuub, Charlie, Harry, Kalen-Reece and Mahdi.

Angela, Eve and Shaheda are the 3 experienced teaching assistants who are part of the Panda team. My name is Marina and I am the class teacher. I am a new teacher to Drumbeat but not new to teaching children with ASD.  I am thoroughly looking forward to working with each and every one of the Panda children and helping them on their journeys to fulfilling their individual potentials.  I am very keen in keeping parents informed as to the daily activities and developments of their children and this is done regularly through the home/school contact book as well as telephone calls to the parents. We like to work closely with the parents of the children within our care as this allows us to gain a whole picture of the child. Drumbeat is a family and our parents are a part of this as well.

All of the children are working with their own individual timetables so that they know what is happening during their school day as well as using PECS to help them request and ask for items in the class, particularly at breakfast and snack times. Music seems to be a great reinforcer for all the Panda children, so you will regularly hear me and the rest of the team singing if you were to ever pass our classroom door. Why not come in and join us?!?

Panda class can also be found using a variety of programmes on their IPads as well as laptops……..The interactive whiteboard is a resource we use daily and throughout each day to support the children’s learning but also as an activity they get to use with peers, on a turn- taking basis.

Each and every one of the children are individual in how they see the world and access the curriculum in their own individual way. They engage fully within the life of Drumbeat School; in particular they enjoy cooking, P.E. as well as their individualised workstation activities.

Panda class definitely keep the staff on their toes and this can be seen when we are out on the playground……a few laps and we are all ready for time in one of the sensory rooms!!! My Pandas will also get the opportunity to develop and burn off this energy in a focused way through swimming and horse riding sessions during the academic year. We will be accessing the wider community through planned trips, which will help reinforce and support the learning being carried out in the classroom.

Keep posted for more information from our “Perfect Pandas.”