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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Personalised Plans

In the last few months we have been looking at ways to further personalise work for our children and young people, - to fine-tune work even further to meet their individual needs, build on strengths and develop interests. We want to use parts of the ‘My World’ section of children’s Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) to guide our work in this area. EHCPs are replacing children’s Statements of Special Educational Needs and all pupils at Drumbeat will have them (a few youngsters already have EHCPs). We are in the process of writing the My World section of EHCPs and this should be done in close partnership with parents so that we can incorporate, wherever practicable, your deep knowledge of your child, what you want for his or her education and your aspirations for the future. Importantly, too, we want to give our children and young people a chance to contribute to their EHCPs.

I have attached a completed My World section of an EHCP (anonymised) and a blank. Teachers will be contacting parents in the next two weeks to make arrangements with you to meet so that, with your help, the My World section can be completed. Using what is written in EHCPs, teachers will then begin to write personalised plans for children in their classes, with your continued input. This is a way of distilling, or fine-tuning areas of the curriculum, for example communication, so that work focuses on priorities and draws on children’s strengths and interests. I have attached 4 personalised plans for fictitious children to give you an idea of what we want personalised plans to look like.

Personalised plans are a significant development for the school; and the intention is that they will replace the Individual Education Plans that we have been using up to now. We will continue to have very high expectations for children’s learning and our pupils working towards accredited learning pathways and examinations will continue to do so. Personalised plans will run alongside the rich learning programmes that children and young people have been working on. There will be an opportunity for you to learn more about personalised plans when you meet your child’s teacher this term to discuss the My World section of your child’s EHCP. Again, the aim is for you to have an input into your child’s personalised plan and to know about all the areas of their learning.

So to summarise, teachers will be contacting you over the next fortnight to arrange meetings to look at the My World section of the EHCP. You might want to have a look at the blank My World sheets and have a think about what sort of things you would like to be included. Staff at Drumbeat School will of course take a lead in this and give you lots of support, but I do want you to feel you can contribute. These parents’ meetings this term will replace the parents’ evening that we normally arrange at this time of the year. We will be having another parents’ evening later in the year as we usually do.