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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

The Primary Department

The Primary Department is based on the Downham site and consists of 85 children who have a diagnosis of complex Autism. There are 10 classes with up to 9 children taught by a teacher and 2 or 3 support assistants.

There are two assemblies each week for the Primary Department. On Wednesdays there is led by a specific class, focussing on a current event or festival. On Fridays there is an achievements and singing assembly led by the Head of Department.

We also celebrate special events and festivals as a whole department, such as ‘Black History month’ and ‘Diwali’.

Each child has a Personalised Plan and the curriculum on offer is based on this. A range of areas are covered and tailored to meet the individual needs of the child, These areas include: Literacy, Maths, communication, Personal and social, behaviour and special interests. Planning is based around a topic which each class follows. This changes each term.

The children can access a range of learning opportunities both on and off site. These include our Soft play and Sensory rooms, as well as swimming and horse riding which take place locally. The classes also go on trips both locally and further afield. These include the Velodrome at Herne hill, Dulwich Picture Gallery and Greenwich observatory.

Marina Olympidis-Slattery

Assistant Headteacher Primary