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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

At Drumbeat we are very fortunate to have an eclectic blend of staff with a range of talents, skills, expertise and experience all working together seamlessly to deliver a high quality education for pupils with Autism.

We have a leadership team made up of 6 members:

Executive Headteacher - Marie Neave

Deputy Headteacher - Katie Denton (Downham) - Maternity Leave

Deputy Headteacher - Denise Gallagher (Brockley)

Sean Richings - School Business Director

Marina Olympidis-Slattery - Assistant Headteacher

Bryony Bowen - Acting Deputy Headteacher

We have a Teaching Team of 23, with each and every one bringing a range of skills and experience to the classroom. Eight of our staff have studied autism and special educational needs at a higher level and hold Masters qualifications in these areas. 

As a school we employ our own team of Therapists to work integrally across the school with pupils and staff. As a result we have developed a very successful format of trans-disciplinary working where the therapy often takes place in the classroom with staff learning from one another. This in turn means that the impact of the therapeutic approach stays in the classroom long after the therapist has left, having a far-reaching affect.

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We have a strong team of 4 Instructors working across the school. They perform a range of key roles, including supporting teaching in classes and leading on delivering specific interventions and subject specific qualifications. Instructors also lead on supporting and nurturing Teaching Assistants when they are new to the Drumbeat team.

Drumbeat believes that staff are our greatest resource in supporting our children and young people with Autism. All staff receive a robust training program and are encouraged to look for opportunities to expand their own continuing professional development. All staff at Drumbeat are trained and accredited to Level 2 by the Autism Education Trust.

Drumbeat is supported by an Office Team on each site


Drumbeat Downham

  • Sean Richings - School Business Director
  • Sara Gambier - Adminstration Manager
  • Sarah Mays - School Administrator (HR)
  • Nicola Allen - School Administrator
  • Karen Peachey - School Receptionist
  • Hendrina Smith - PA to the Executive Headteacher

Drumbeat Brockley

  • Sean Richings - School Business Director
  • Alex Cronin - Outreach Administrator

We have a Premises Manager, Andrew Porter at Drumbeat Brockley.

In addition to our large school based staff team we also have an Outreach Team working in schools across Lewisham. The team is based at the Drumbeat Downham site and is led by Sonia Gannon, Lead Outreach Teacher. In the Schools Team there are 3 teachers and 3 co-ordinators, in the Early Years Team there is 1 teacher and 2 co-ordinators.

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