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Drumbeat School & ASD Service

Year 7 Top Up Funding Premium at Drumbeat

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium provides schools with an additional £500 for each year 7 pupil who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and/or maths at the end of key stage 2.

Context at Drumbeat School 2018/19

Number of students in Year 7


Total amount of top-up funding


Based on the individual needs of the pupils at Drumbeat we have allocated Year 7 Top Up funding to focus on the following;



Anticipated Impact

Participation in the Shakespeare School Festival culminating in a performance of Macbeth at The Albany Theatre alongside mainstream school peers



School Journey









An improvement in achievement of speaking and listening for pupils involved. Enrichment opportunity to be part of a performance in front of an audience and to experience awe and wonder.


Enrichment and experience of awe and wonder for pupils. Development of independence skills in a 24 hour setting.