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Drumbeat School & ASD Service


Another fantastic school year has arrived and is passing quickly, leaving us waving goodbye to the summer and welcoming, perhaps reluctantly, darker evenings.

On the brighter side, the zebras are settled and working together as a team during their activities.

Our literacy sessions at the start of term were focusing upon the topic ‘About Me’. We witnessed some creative talents in the style of portraits. These were used at the centre of the next step in their work as the students shared their hobbies and interests with their peers, cutting and pasting their selected images around their portraits like a mini universe.

 We have since moved on to exploring the roles of different characters in stories. In ‘Look What I’ve Got’ by Anthony Browne, the author we will be focusing on this half term, the students have begun to explore the relationships between ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ in books. They have been engaged during the cutting and pasting activities in which they chose whether a character would live in a hero’s country home or a villain’s beachside lair.

Continuing the theme of ‘about me’ and the activity of cutting and pasting, the Zebras have been counting the number of students in their neighbouring classes and have begun the production of a pictogram. These are coming along very nicely, as are their scissors and glue mastery.

The Zebras have also been busy preparing for their class assembly and their harvest assembly, which will be based upon Handa’s Surprise.

They have all embraced the arrival of horse-riding and are enjoying their equestrian activities on Monday afternoons.

With the reintroduction of the revamped soft play area, P.E with Marie, singing with Keith on Tuesday mornings and sensory highs with Hannah on Wednesday mornings, don’t be surprised when the Zebras seek shade, shelter and sleep when they arrive home.

Best wishes to you and your families from Vicky, Sherie, John and Philippe, the Zebra staff team.