My Independence

Independence skills can be supported and worked on a variety of contexts including when at home. Working on independent skills will look different for every student but may include areas such as; 

  • Personal care 
  • Taking part in household chores/carrying out jobs 
  • Making choices 
  • Expressing preferences
  • Assertiveness skills 
  • Taking responsibility for self and belongings 
  • Asking for help 
  • Transitions
  • Private/public

Below are some top tips and visual supports.

Top Tips 

  • We suggest you start by looking at what your child can currently do and working towards the next step on from this. 
  • Break tasks down: being asked to complete a task from start to finish or being given general instructions such as ‘tidy your room’ can be overwhelming. Breaking down activities bit by bit e.g. first put your clothes in the basket then put your toys in the box will support children to understand what is being asked. 
  • Modelling: show your child what you would like them to do so it is clear. This may need to happen more than once. 
  • Allow processing time: it may take your child time to understand an instruction. Giving the short instructions and allowing them time to think about this can help. 
  • Support visually where possible (please see visual supports below)
  • Make activities fun! 

Schedules for Household Jobs



Ironing schedule

Sweeping schedule

Washing schedule

Window cleaning schedule