Drumbeat School employs a core team of therapists. In addition, we work closely with NHS, education and social care colleagues to provide an all round service for our students.

The core team is made up of:

Hannah Robinson – Speech and Language Therapist

Dr Emma Mahoney - Clinical Psychologist
Kirsty Richards - Occupational Psychologist 
In addition we have NHS Speech and language and occupational therapists working across both sites. 
The way therapy works at Drumbeat:

Autism affects children in unique ways, and understanding each child’s strengths and difficulties is the starting point of our therapeutic input. At Drumbeat, we aim to provide a dynamic, innovative and evidence based practice tailored to the need of individual students.

We work together as a team, alongside teaching colleagues, using a transdisciplinary model. This means that we commit to equally and continually discussing the needs of each student and providing the most effective education and therapeutic model of practice. We understand each other’s roles and work together to combine our skills and understanding.

We use a range of assessments to get an understanding of our students needs and provide individual and group based therapy based upon needs identified. Furthermore, our team work alongside teachers in the classrooms in providing the appropriate equipment, environment and provision for each learner.

In addition to the ongoing support in the classroom, the therapy team provides regular training for staff, and also for families. We also link closely with families and class staff to create a personalized curriculum for each student, helping to understand and best meet their needs together.

Some recent examples of transdisciplinary interventions at Drumbeat:

Lego Therapy

Attention Autism

Funky Fingers

Music and Storytelling

Live and Learn

Sensory Circuits


SOS Feeding