Reading and Writing

 Reading and Writing at Drumbeat Overview In EYFS reading and writing skills are taught as part of the literacy area of learning and skills are assessed against EYFS assessment framework.
The KS1, KS2, KS3 English curriculum based on the Drumbeat levels curriculum and assessment model and contains the subjects; Communication, Reading and Writing. It incorporates reading and writing skills based on ASD theory and frameworks such as PECS and colourful semantics.
The KS4 core curriculum is based on the AQA unit awards accreditation pathway and the 6th Form Curriculum is based on the ASDAN course work. Literacy teaching will have a different emphasis according to the pupil’s age and reading and writing ability.
In EYFS and KS1 there is likely to be more focus on listening skills, sound play and messy marking. However reading and writing skills are included as part of Drumbeat KS4 and KS5 qualifications but with an emphasis on developing relevant skills for future life and the functional application of literacy skills. For example as part of an AQA English unit award students could be developing site vocabulary reading skills and using these to read instructions to cook a simple snack. Consequently there is less focus on decoding and spelling skill for our student gaining these qualifications. At Drumbeat we believe that every child is entitled to access the literacy curriculum.
Literacy teaching across the school can include the following strategies and interventions:
Decoding and Spelling
• Read Write Inc Phonics
• 5 min box 1 and 2 (additional interventions)
Reading Comprehension
• Colourful semantics
• Storyboards
• Symbol books e.g. SMS
• Objects of Reference
• Makaton Signs
• See and Learn Programme (Downs reading scheme) (whole word approach)
• (Online interactive approach using 6 skill integrated method)
• Blank’s levels of questioning
Reading and Writing for Pleasure
• Sensory stories
• Storytelling using the attention autism framework
• Sensory, flap and interactive books
• Story sacks
• Sound play and nursery rhymes
• Reading and singing lyrics
• (Online interactive approach using 6 skill integrated method)
• Messy mark making
• Script reading and writing through drama
• Comic strips
• Library visits
• Write Dance
• Handwriting without tears
• Apps e.g. letter school
Functional Reading and Writing
• Reading symbols and signs in the community
• PECS phase III+
• Purposeful mark making e.g. ticking an order
• Funky fingers
• Search engine typing
• Recipes
• Greeting cards
• Form filling in
• Shopping lists
• Talking mats
• Reading menus, leaflets and timetables