Drumbeat Brockley

Welcome to Drumbeat Brockley!

Drumbeat Brockley has been developed into a purpose built 14-19 campus for Drumbeat’s older students. Our campus provides a provision for students in Key Stage 4 and 6th Form.

Our campus has been specifically designed to incorporate the needs of our young people. This includes a purpose built flat where they can practice independent living skills and a developing café for enterprise initiatives.

On the rest of the campus, we also have a library, offices, meeting room, a gym, media suite and a welcoming lobby,

Students are placed in tutor groups according to their key stage. The number of students in their tutor group is dependent on ability and level of need. Each tutor group is supported by a teacher and assistants. They are very experienced and strive to provide the best for our students.

We follow a structured timetable, which is either classroom based or on other parts of the campus and local community. As students move into 6th Form, they follow a timetable that is less classroom based and more focussed on experiencing aspects of the local community.

We have joint Key Stage assemblies once a week, where we might explore a theme, present student work or celebrate achievements. We have a number of initiatives such as a healthy eating tuck shop which opens weekly and is run by the students. We also have our own allotment where students can grow their own produce. We have plenty of outdoor space on site, where students can maintain the gardens. Our campus provides many opportunities for our students to develop their life skills.

Our main aim is for our students to reach their full potential in order to lead as independent lives as possible.

Key stage 4 Information

In Key Stage 4 the curriculum covers a range of areas. Students are class based for most subjects to provide stability and a minimal amount of transition. The KS4 curriculum includes Physical Education, Personal, Health and Social Education (including Sex and Relationships), Science, Music and Computing. Students study Functional English and Maths in regular weekly lessons. Within some of these subjects, we offer students accreditation at different levels.

The KS4 core curriculum is based on the AQA unit awards accreditation pathway. Unit awards are carefully selected and meet the student’s needs with an emphasis on developing relevant skills for future life and the functional application of the skills developed in our primary and KS3 provision. The course and activities that a student follows depends on the learning pathway that best suits them.  

Students have access to all the school facilities on offer as well as a clinical psychologist and therapists. KS4 student’s access off-site resources for swimming at Wavelengths Leisure Centre and use the local community for developing independence skills e.g. travel training, shopping and work experience.

Additional Projects within KS4 include Millwall football club, Young Lewisham project, Laban dance project, conservatoire art group, local volunteering projects and numerous enrichment activities such as sports competitions. We are proud members of the special league football association and have regularly participated in the London wide Panathlon competition.

KS4 students have the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh awards every year culminating in a 2-3 day camping and orienteering expedition.

6th Form Information

The Drumbeat 6th form is an exciting place to be as students bridge the gap into young adulthood. We have great experiences on school journeys, at work experience and learning to travel independently in and around the local area. We have a link programme with one of our local colleges, whereby students can attend weekly for a block of time in order to experience this type of setting and prepare for college life. The staff support students to be as independent as possible in their varied weekly timetables and there is a hands-off, but supportive approach to learning, so that students learn to do things for themselves as far as possible. All 6th Form students cook their own lunch in our purpose built Food Technology room at least once a week. We have valuable community and work experience links such as links with a local café and Keetons community centre.

This enable students to find out about the world of work and practice independence skills in real situations and environments. We have our own allotment at Kent House Gardens. This provides the opportunity for students to grow their own produce, which can then be used for cooking or enterprise initiatives. Our students are also encouraged to participate in other initiatives, such as making soft furnishings and washing cars.

Many of our students enjoy the Arts and they have the opportunity to participate in special projects with local organisations, such as Trinity Laban and The conservatoire.

All the students follow an accredited scheme called ASDAN. They are either working towards the bronze, silver or Gold award or Transition Challenge award. Some students also study for short courses.

KS5 students have the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh awards every year culminating in a 2-3 day camping and orienteering expedition.