The Humanities curriculum aims to encourage pupils to explore and learn about their history and environment through the development of their personal identities and understanding of others. Pupils will learn about their personal history and simple passage of time. In Geography they will learn about human and physical geography, including local knowledge.

Pupils will have the opportunity to engage and participate in exciting and innovative activities through field work, role playing, attention autism and sensory stories. Learning outside the classroom will enable pupils to attend local walks, parks, shops and visits to historical landmarks. Links to Physical Education also enables pupils to visit the stables for horse riding and Downham Leisure Centre for swimming and leisure activities.  These exposures to different experiences and different environments outside of the classroom aims to further develop pupils understanding of the world around them.

At Drumbeat we endeavor to provide our pupils with the tools to be happy, independent members of the community who have an active participation in society, show empathy and develop their own personal identities.

This curriculum aims to/will provide all pupils an opportunity to develop an understanding of the world around them, emphasising the skills they need to be independent and active citizens.

Drumbeat School is proud to be a part of the Lewisham Hubs programme – working alongside 10 other schools. Each hub has a curriculum focus; Humanities, Arts and Well-being. Drumbeat is leading in the humanities curriculum and works collaboratively with other schools to support and encourage innovative approaches to the teaching of humanities in Lewisham.  The aim is to carry out collaborative research in order to make a difference in pupils’ development, knowledge and understanding of the Humanities.