Social Stories

Social stories are a way of giving information to a person with Autism. They explain something visually and avoid using too much language which can be confusing. Below are a range of social stories relating to COVID 19 which you can share with your child.

A Social story:

  • Provides accurate information about real and relevant situations.
  • Presents information visually without everything else to think about
  • Doesn’t rely on having to talk through something, which can be easily confusing
  • Provides a clue about how to respond in a situation
  • Are positive
  • Helps explain if anything new is going to happen.
  • Explains the point of view of the person with autism but also tells them what others might be thinking.


When sharing a Social story with your child:

  • Find a good time to introduce the story.
  • Think about a good time to share the story on a regular basis e.g. before bed.
  • Review it-some wording might need changing
  • Re-introduce it
  • Persevere-your child might not respond to a social story initially but give them time to get used to the idea.