Drumbeat serves children and young people aged 4-19 within Lewisham who have been diagnosed with the highest level of autistic needs and whose attainment is significantly below age-related expectations.

Drumbeat Admissions Criteria

Drumbeat School and ASD service is a community special school for children and young people with Autism and learning difficulties aged 4-19 years. Children have high complex needs due to their Autism i.e. educationally their autism and associated difficulties present a major barrier to accessing a mainstream education and they are seen to benefit from highly specialist autism-specific interventions in a specially resourced ASD special school environment with a high staff/pupil ratio. All pupils must have a diagnosis of Autism in order to be considered for placement.

Pupil attainment is significantly below age related expectations.

  • Early Years: 3 years below age related expectations 
  • KS1/2: 3 to 4 years below age related expectations 
  • KS3/4: At least 5 years below age related expectations
  • KS5: At least 7 years below age related expectations 
The placement of an older student (KS4 upwards) will be considered on a case by case basis. We recognise that whilst they might be academically able, some students present with challenging behaviour and/or mental health issues. This means that they will have difficulties accessing a mainstream curriculum.

All children and young people at Drumbeat School have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Lewisham’s SEN Placement Panel are responsible for making decisions about admission into the school. The panel reviews children and young people's EHCPs, and receives reports from parents and professionals as well as, where appropriate, considering the views of the child. Decisions are made about placement after considering all this information. The Panel is made up of Lewisham officers, Headteachers, SENCOs and health professionals. Lewisham has a policy that children with statements of SEN must not be permanently excluded and Drumbeat school adheres to this.

Further information can be found on Lewisham’s Website.

Open Days

If Drumbeat has been identified as a suitable school to meet your child’s needs and you would like to view the school, please contact Hendrina Smith, PA to the Executive Headteacher on 0208 698 9738 to arrange a visit and confirm your booking.