Family Support

At Drumbeat we have two family liaison officers who support families across all 3 sites. 

We are great listeners

We help you with the little problems before they become BIG problems. We help you to feel safe and know that someone will always listen.

Coffee Mornings: At Drumbeat we have regular coffee mornings for parents and carers. We will text/email you with dates of upcoming events.  This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other parents and Drumbeat staff.

At Drumbeat, we are committed to fostering a strong partnership between our school and our students' families. Our dedicated family liaison team plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective communication and collaboration between parents, guardians, and our school staff. We understand that supporting children with special needs requires a holistic approach, and our family liaison professionals are here to provide guidance, support, and a listening ear to families as they navigate the educational journey of their children.

What we can provide:

  •          Personalized Support: Our family liaison team offers personalized support to families, tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each child. We work closely with parents to develop individualized education plans (IEPs) and ensure that these plans are consistently implemented to maximize student growth.
  •          Resources and Information: We provide families with valuable resources and information related to special education, therapies, and community support services. This empowers parents with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their child's education and well-being.
  •          Regular Updates: Communication is key, and we keep families informed about their child's progress, achievements, and any challenges they may face at school. We schedule regular meetings and provide timely feedback so that parents can actively participate in their child's education.
  •          Workshops and Training: We organize workshops and training sessions for parents and guardians to enhance their understanding of special education techniques, strategies, and best practices. These sessions empower families to support their child's learning journey effectively.
  •          Advocacy: Our family liaison team acts as advocates for both students and their families, ensuring that their voices are heard, and their rights are upheld within the school system. We are dedicated to ensuring that every child receives the support they deserve.
  •           Benefits Assistance:  Our team can provide guidance and connect families to relevant resources and agencies that offer support in securing and accessing benefits to improve quality of life.
  •          Transportation Help: We understand that transportation can be a significant challenge for families. Our school works to assist parents in finding transportation solutions, whether it's arranging for special transportation services or providing guidance on accessible public transportation options. We aim to ease the logistical burden for families.


Through open dialogue, regular updates, and meaningful engagement, we strive to create a warm and inclusive environment where every member of our school community feels valued and empowered. Together, we can work toward the best possible outcomes for our students with special needs and provide comprehensive support to their families.





Sheryl Aitcheson-Labarr

Family Liaison Officer

Nicola Allen

Family Liaison Officer

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