Speech & Language Therapy

At Drumbeat communication is at the core of the curriculum. Communication opportunities are at the centre of all learning activities throughout the school day. Emphasis is placed on the importance of engaging, fun and meaningful interactions and experiences.


The speech and language therapists work within the classroom promoting and embedding a total communication approach. This may involve the use of signing, symbols, objects, communication books, high tech AAC, drawing and writing as well as speech to support understanding and expressive communication. Speech and language therapist also help school staff to develop their own interaction skills to enable them to become supportive communication partners. Speech and language therapists and assistants employed by Lewisham and Greenwich NHS also form part of the Drumbeat speech therapy team.


Drumbeat’s communication curriculum is based on up to date research and evidence based practice. It is neurodiversity affirming and values all methods of communication and language acquisition. Speech and language therapy goals and interventions are integrated into the curriculum and individual pupil learning maps which means speech and language therapy is integrated seamlessly into classroom practice and pupils develop functional communication skills with a range of meaningful opportunities.

Hannah Robinson

Speech and Language Therapist

Hannah studied Speech and Language Therapy BSc (Hons) at the University of East Anglia. Whilst studying she also worked as an Applied Behaviour Analysis tutor with children with Autism. She qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2008 and has worked in a range of clinics, mainstream and special schools. Hannah has been working at Drumbeat since it opened in 2012 and has set up the speech and language therapy service in school. She loves delivering creative attention autism sessions in the classroom and building relationships with pupils using intensive interaction. Hannah completed a Master’s Degree in Autism Studies at the University of Kent. As part of her studies her research focused on the questions teachers ask in the classroom. Hannah is also the Literacy Lead in school.

Amy Lettington

Speech and Language Therapist

Amy has extensive experience in working in a range of educational settings as well as autism diagnostic services. She has spent her entire career working in some capacity with autistic children and young adults. Amy has had the privilege of working with some of the most outstanding clinicians in the UK in ASD such as Dr Judy Gould and Dr Sarah Lister Brookes. She is a consultant to the Lorna Wing Centre in Bromley, the National Autistic Societies specialist diagnostic and assessment centre. Amy’s main clinical interests in ASD is in unpicking the complex factors which inhibit the autistic learner’s communication, using tools such as SCERTS to create meaningful communication goals for pupils and their families. Amy is also a qualified primary teacher and Elklan tutor.