At Drumbeat School communication is at the core of the curriculum.
Communication opportunities are at the centre of all learning activities throughout the school day. Emphasis is placed on the importance of engaging, fun and meaningful interactions and experiences. Drumbeat promotes a total communication approach using specific ASD and speech and language interventions personalised to each child. ASD theories and speech and language therapeutic approaches are embedded within the Drumbeat curriculum and assessment model.
We aim to set and develop foundations needed for successful learning in literacy; starting from where the pupil is and valuing the pupil’s strengths and special interests. We aim to provide skills for life that promote functional communication skills both in and outside school. This focus on communication continues as pupils enter into their KS4 and KS5 qualifications where they practically apply the communication skills they have gained to a range of real life situations.
Drumbeat values a range of communication strategies and interventions which include:
• Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
• Colourful semantics
• Attention autism
• Aided language stimulation
• Personalised communication books
• Single message voice output communication aids
• Personalised Voice output communication apps
• Blank’s Level of Questioning
• Social stories
• Comic strip conversations
• Intensive interaction
• Objects of reference
• Makaton signing
• Talking mats
• Derbyshire Language Scheme
• Lego therapy

Communication Handbook - Guidance to Interventions.pdf