At Drumbeat we are committed to delivering a curriculum that allows every learner to have a personalised educational journey. Our aim is for all pupils to move to the next stage of their life with the skills they need to prepare them well for adulthood.


Every pupil at Drumbeat has a personalised curriculum plan called a learning map. These are written from ECHP outcomes and Drumbeat levels. 


Drumbeat Levels 

Drumbeat levels encompass ‘formal’ areas of learning including Communication, Reading and Writing, Functional English and Maths. These are underpinned with curriculum documents that serve as skill progressive guides.

Curriculum Documents


The learning map is written by the class teacher using curriculum documents. The documents were written collaboratively by experts within each area including the schools occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, Educational psychologist, and Senior and middle/subject leaders. Each writing team used tried and tested evidence and theory. This includes AET skills framework, National curriculum descriptors, Read write Inc documents, TEACCH, The engagement model and SCERTS assessment framework, for full references please see individual documents.


At Drumbeat there are 3 pathways: Roots (1), Shoots (2) and Blossom (3). The pathways are used to outline learning, curriculum coverage and for class group allocations. Pathways are flexible throughout a pupil’s time at Drumbeat and are set using pupils Drumbeat levels.

If you would like any further information on the Drumbeat Curriculum please contact Bryony Bowen or phone on 02086989738.