Art at Drumbeat

At Drumbeat we have a specialist art instructor/Coordinator.  Roger has a BA in Art & Design and has worked in all aspects of the Arts including Fashion and Music. He also has extensive experiencing in working with children and young people with Autism and has developed art at Drumbeat to an area of excellence.

The aim at Drumbeat is to introduce the students to as many different ways of creating artwork in a varying range of media. The art themes we work on are often linked to the topics being taught in the classroom creating continuity and emphasis. The art lessons are timetabled and each class comes to our dedicated Art room to create their own pieces of work. Students are encouraged to work independently and to use their own imaginations when it comes to interpreting the chosen subject. The students respond very well to a different ambience and these lessons can often be very therapeutic. Each term we have a dedicated Art Week when the whole school creates artwork based on the same topic resulting in a large display in our reception area. Over the years we have also had great success entering external Art competitions, individual students have won competition prizes with subjects ranging from healthy eating to designing a Christmas card. The Saatchi Gallery heard about our Arts programme culminating in a three month display at their Central London gallery. We also work with the Blackheath Conservatoire resulting in diverse artwork and displays in their Blackheath gallery. Our students are talented and creative and Drumbeat encourages and celebrates that creativity through the Art lessons and displays with great success.