Bike Club

At Drumbeat we run Projects of Excellence, which are enrichment programmes to develop children’s key interests and life skills. One of our most popular projects of excellence is bike club. This project allows children of all skills and Drumbeat levels to access a bespoke programme of study focused on the end goal of being able to ride a bike, maintain a bike and access the local community. Supported by the belief that our children should access regular physical fitness and that we should nurture green thinkers for the future.

Our project offers children opportunities to development both theory and practical skill in road safety. Children learn the foundations skills needed to ride a bike including; developing balance, developing hand eye coordination and learning to use your peripheral vision when cycling. For our most able cyclers they learn to plan for and manage risk when using a bike, how to maintain a bike independently and how to read road signs to keep safe when on the road. Our professional instructors help our children to develop better, safer cycling habits to enable them to become independent and safe travelers.

The project is run by passionate and skilled members of staff who have an extensive knowledge of developing bike skills from any starting point, which allows our programme to be inclusive for all learners. Instructors use information and resources from bikeability (Department for Transport). Bike club has cross curricular links to other areas of the Drumbeat Curriculum including; My Health and Wellbeing, My Independence, My knowledge and understanding of the World and Speaking and listening. For many of our students bike club is linked to their personalised curriculum and Education Health Care plan. Children are given opportunities to participate in community trips to local bike shops, bike parks or cycling in their local community.