Forest School

Gardening Project and Forest School  at Beckenham Place Park and Forster Park

Students from Drumbeat Schools have been taking part in this exciting community project which has encouraged exposure to new environments. Children are given the opportunity to explore the outside environment through practical, differentiated gardening sessions. Children have the opportunity to lead on their own learning and staff can teach responsively to children’s interests.

This project encourages pupils’ to build on their life and social skills by meeting new people, communicating with them and sustaining positive relationships through shared interests. All students can access ASD strategies to facilitate their learning beyond the classroom.  Children develop confidence through practical learning experiences e.g. building a ‘Bug Hotel’.

Working as a team in a natural setting bonds students as a group. It also makes them aware of the need to care for each other and for their environment. This helps us to instill green thinking in our students who can help to shape their environments in the future and begin to think about how we can impact our world positively.

This project provides a platform for our students to shine beyond the classroom. All of our pupils are fantastic ambassadors for Drumbeat School and more generally for young people with ASD.