May 2023

12th May 2023

Newsletter Summer Term 1

Nationwide Money Lessons


Six students from Tower and Shard class recently had the opportunity to attend and participate in a session provided by staff from the Nationwide Building society. Nationwide have pledged their commitment to inclusive learning by making changes to ensure their services more accessible to everyone.


During the session the students learned about current accounts, direct debits and standing orders. They were also introduced to savings accounts and learned about ‘interest’. They were offered advice about how to prevent themselves becoming victims of fraud and scamming. The students were interviewed following the session to find out what they had learnt and if there was more that they would like to learn about managing their money in the future.


The following day the same six students went to the Post Building in London to take part in a Nationwide Money Lessons Event where Clare Barrett, a writer for the financial times, was present as a guest speaker.  There was the opportunity for the students to be involved in a number of discussions around the following themes; how the cost of living is affecting day to day life for the UK, what do we mean by ‘borrowing’, and why developing skills to ‘save money’ is important.                        


The students were active, confident participants, answering and asking questions throughout the day. I was so proud of the mature way they conducted themselves and they received high praise from the coordinators at the event.  

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