Community Projects

Drumbeat students have had the opportunity to be involved in community projects which support people in need. As well as offering them unique opportunities to make an active contribution to the community it also enhanced the generalisation of skills learnt within the school environment to other contexts.  

Drumbeat have been working with ‘Voluntary services in Lewisham’ for a number of years. Part of this work includes our students and staff volunteering at their Christmas Project. Every year staff and students support in the preparation of food hampers for people in need within the local community.

Our students participated in this fantastic project by collecting food donations from Drumbeat’s families and staff, preparing hampers and also by travelling using public transport to the venue where the project took place.

Staff supported students to work independently within this project using a range of ASD specific strategies such as visual checklists. This allowed students to use the skills they have developed in school in a practical context.  In addition, students displayed a sense of personal achievement and satisfaction, knowing that they were making a difference in other peoples' lives and connecting with their community.

Our students were fantastic and their input was greatly appreciated by all.