Drumbeat Key Stage 4 and 6th Form students have made fantastic personal achievements and qualifications.
Key Stage 4 and 6th Form students at Drumbeat have done particularly well in their exams and qualifications. The eagerly awaited results day in the holidays revealed a number of fantastic achievements and a significant increase in the breadth of subjects and number of entries.

Every single Drumbeat student taking qualifications has worked really hard and there have been many journeys of personal development. We are really proud of our students and wish to celebrate their success. Well done everyone.

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Please see below for Accreditation 2018-2019.

Achievements for Key Stage 4 and 5

Entry Level and Level Certificates
Subject No. of Candidates No. of Candidates gaining this Certification Year Group Entry Level 1 Entry Level 2 Entry Level 3 Level 1 No. of Unit Wards Gained
Maths: 5930 Mathematics 2 2 11 2        
AQA Unit Awards 17 17 10         338
  8 8 11         170
ASDAN Transition Challenge (Sensory) 2 2 14          
ASDAN Transition Challenge (Introduction & Progression) 3 3 13 & 14          
ASDAN Bronze, Silver, Gold Personal development 6 6 13 & 14          
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Key Stage No. of Candiates No. of Candidates gaining Bronze
4 8 6
5 8 7
Destinations (leavers)
KS4            KS5          Progression to day college 6th Form in another school Residential with Social care
 10  9  1  2